July 6, 2007

Why I hate CARS

I have to be honest with you ... I hate cars. There, I said it. Yes, cars can be "sexy" and "cool," but so can crack cocaine or being a member of a gang. Just because something is "sexy" or "cool" doesn't make it good, right? My reason for loathing cars boils down to four main points. In general, cars are:
  1. Loud
  2. Dirty
  3. Dangerous
  4. Inefficient

What's most unfortunate is that for most us in America, cars are a necessary evil. I can't even begin to imagine asking my family of five with three kids ages five and under to walk two miles to the store. Yes, I know that some kids in Africa walk even further to get to the community well to retrieve water, but that's an unfair comparison on so many levels.

I'll discuss each of these four points in greater detail in the very near future ...

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