June 27, 2007

What's all this about?

Okay ... so I'm behind the "power curve" when it comes to blogging. Who cares? This isn't being created for fame or fortune; nor does its birth stem from dreams of power or control. Instead, I've created this personal forum to serve as a canvas for my thoughts alone. Hence the name, "Think at Joe's." This is my place, not yours, and even though you don't own it, I welcome you to stay here as long as you like. I won't guarantee regular postings, but I will promise original content that means something to me, and hopefully it will become meaningful to you, too. Further, don't expect to see links to other blogs or endorsements for other writers, and don't look for advertising, either, because I liken ads in blogs to litter on streets. I might, however, link into Amazon.com to highlight books that I've read that I believe should be a part of your library, too. Short of being a manifesto, I just want to welcome you and invite you to read with an open mind as I present personal thoughts and observations about the world around me. Don't be scared ... just enjoy.



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