June 30, 2007

The Five P's

Growing up, I learned a few sayings from my father that I've kept with me throughout the years. One of those goes:

Learn the Five P's: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

And another saying akin to that one goes:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Ooh ... deep ... I know. Anyways, I was reading through the Project for Public Spaces website (http://www.pps.org/) and found something worth sharing. Here it is:

Now that's what I consider thought-provoking media. I'm not sure if planning communities around people is all that it takes to "get more people;" however, I do believe that the majority of urban planners are brainwashed into planning communities for the heartless, soulless masses of metal that race through widened streets. Fun.

If you're interested in learning what really works, then I highly recommend that you read City Comforts: How to Build and Urban Village. If you have even a slightest concern for the proper planning of communities, then READ THIS BOOK!



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