July 2, 2007

Scooters = Cool

It's been almost two years since I purchased my Honda Metropolitan, and I've never (not even once) been disappointed with my decision. It came with a few bruises on it (scrapes, dents, etc.), but it's still a lovely piece of machinery. It gets 110 (plus) mpg, and if I'm going downhill with a relatively strong wind behind me, I can get it up to 40 mph. Yeah ... it's a rocket.

So, why do I think my scooter is cool? Here's seven reasons:

  1. It's fun to feel the wind in your face
  2. There's no gear shifting required
  3. You can smell the world around you
  4. It's footprint is small
  5. I can park it like a bike (close to buildings)
  6. Seeing me (6'4" tall) on it makes people smile
  7. When I fill 'er up, it costs less than $3.00

I understand that scooters aren't practical for everyone, especially for those who live 30 (plus) miles from work; however, if you're lucky like me, and live within a decent commuting distance, then perhaps you might want to consider owning one -- an amazing alternative to the traditional automobile.



Blogger Brian said...

Oh how I miss my scoot! It was a Geely (a cheap, imitation of a Yamaha Vino) that I purchased on eBay for around $800. It wasn't street legal and it took months of letter writing and haggling with the Utah DOT to convince them to give me a valid registration and plates. I even got pulled over by the BYU Police on one occasion for not having plates. But since it was illegal, it also had no restrictions on the throttle and muffler. It would go 45+ and I could pop wheelies on that thing!

For a student, a scooter is the best because you can park so close (and anyone who has tried to park on BYU Provo campus knows what I'm talking about). And yes, a 49cc two-stroke engine is very fuel efficient. I think I filled that thing up about four or five times the whole time I had it! My only complaint is that I would often arrive after a ride smelling like two-stroke smoke. But it was totally worth it!

July 2, 2007 4:08 PM  

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