August 28, 2009

595 Calories of Goodness

I admit it ... I love Milk Duds. I can't really explain why; I just do.

Maybe it's the sinfully-gooey caramel that covers my teeth after the duds themselves are gone. Maybe it's the fact that they are so perfectly sized. Maybe it's the way the candy shakes in the box with its hollow thud sounds.

All I know is today they saved me. I ended up working through lunch and didn't have anything at the office to beat back my upset stomach ... except a 5 OZ box of Milk Duds. So today I'm happy to admit that I'm thankful for those delicious, sticky, yummy bites of chocolate-covered caramel. And for those of you out there who agree with me (you know who you are), I stand with each of you expressing my shared love for the candy.


Blogger Brian said...

Ugh! I like Milk Duds, but I can't stand anything that sticks to my teeth. So, I usually don't chew them--just let 'em dissolve in my mouth.

August 28, 2009 5:18 PM  

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